Creating extensive digital networks will lead to greater visibility, performance and efficiency for procurement teams. The CIPS Business Briefing – Digitally Transforming Supply will examine the application of the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, advanced analytics and automation within supply chains. We’ll also deliberate how data and analytics compliment each other to assist predictive forecasting. See the full agenda below.


Registration and refreshments


Chairs: Opening remarks: Overview of the digital supply chain and the benefits to be gained by creating one


Panel: Embarking on your digital transformation journey

● Improving connectivity for your suppliers
● Overcoming the barriers to adoption
● Exploring successful transformation strategies


Presentation: How big data and analytics can improve procurement decision making

This session will look at how big data and analytics can be leveraged to create demand forecasting with richer insights into supplier collaboration & risk analytics. It will also explore the new skills procurement & supply chain leaders should possess to benefit from big data analytics and increase their competitive edge.


Case study: Digitising to increase procurement efficiency and agility  

This case study will demonstrate how the digitisation of the supply chain will reduce costs and create flexibility to deal with changing demand and external stress points. The benefits to be gained will be made apparent, as will the lessons learned throughout this successful digital transformation journey. 


Presentation: Leveraging blockchain to drive supply chain transparency, efficiency and the
mitigation of risk

● Creating end-end traceability of goods and services in the supply chain
● Integrating smart contracts where supplier compliance can be viewed in real time


Chair’s closing remarks


Close of Business Briefing